University College Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT) also known as Kolegji Universitar “Instituti Kanadez i Teknologjisë” (KU “IKT”), is owned by C.I.T. ltd., which has education as its primary activity in Albania.

The establishment of CIT in Albania was originally based on a Memorandum of Understanding with EduNova Consortium, an experienced Canadian Consortium of Colleges providing education at secondary and university level. To better serve this purpose, partnership forms of cooperation with Canadian institutions operating in research, scientific and educational areas are in progress. In October 2012, a comprehensive cooperation agreement was signed between CIT and Globe University, USA, to be materialized with academic and student exchange programs as well as students’ transfer and mutual recognition of programs.

CIT delivers its teaching programs in English and its curricula meet the requirements and standards of higher education in Europe and North America. Furthermore, teaching at CIT is delivered in convenient premises and by highly qualified domestic academic staff with teaching experience abroad as well as international academic staff, who have experience in the development and implementation of Business and Technology.

CIT premises are at Zayed Center, which is located at the heart of the Albanian Capital city, Tirana. The Center has sufficient and convenient premises for students and academic and administrative staff alike. CIT has a total surface of 2700 square meters.

CIT premises provide the required capacities for students and they consist of the following: 1 Conference Room; 7 lecturing halls/classrooms; 6 labs (4 computer labs; 1 Physics and 1 Chemistry lab); offices for both academic and administrative staff; parking area; cafeteria and a fitness room.

Classrooms are equipped with all the necessary, contemporary and professional devices such as computer, overhead projector etc.

Studying conditions are complemented by the library, which provides access to a large book collection selected for each study program at CIT. Library sources, the online network of libraries like McGraw-Hill as well as registrations in various periodical scientific journals are placed at the disposal of CIT students every day of the week. CIT library offers also a wide range of titles, selected in accordance to the study programs offered by the institution.

CIT library has also a capacity for 30 students, 6 computers and over 3000 English titles.