Training Courses in Finance 5 / ALPHA BUSINESS

Training Courses in Finance 5 / ALPHA BUSINESS


Course Object:
This is a course that will help all students in the field of economics, financial assistance, financiers and not only. The bellow syllabus will be held for a period of weeks, organized in 20 teaching hours.

The context:

Chapter 1:           Configuration of a scedar with the enterprise name

Chapter 2:           Currency configuration

Chapter 3:           Tax configuration

Chapter 4:           Opening the accounting plan

             Client Account (sale invoices filling)

             Supplier Account (purchase invoices filling)

             Cash Account (Collection mandate filling)

             Bank account (Transfer order filing)

Chapter 5:           Warehouse opening

Chapter 6:           Warehouse configuration

Chapter 7:           Opening cards of inventory stock

Chapter 8:          Recording inventory in warehouse (physical inventory filling)

Chapter 9:           Customs invoices registration

Chapter 10:         Review

Chapter 11:         Accounting for opening balance (31.12.2018)

Chapter 12:         Accounting for purchase transactions

Chapter 13:         Accounting for finished goods

Chapter 14:         Accounting for sale transactions

Chapter 15:         Accounting for cash account

Chapter 16:         Accounting for bank account

Chapter 17:         Journalizing the adjusting entries

Chapter 18:      Closing entries of financial results (revenues, expenses)

Chapter 19:    Saving, information security and deleting actions

Chapter 20:    Exam.


In addition to the topics that will be assimilated, the program will include the information folder with additional materials such as: F5 & Alpha Business Software Manual, Financial Statements, Accounting Plan, Accounting Schemes, and Practical Documents to be filled in support of the program.

The material volume will be 150 to 250 pages on hard copy. The materials will be in two languages, depending on the program.

First group: Monday and Thursday after 17:00.

Second group: Saturday and Sunday 09:00 and 17:00


Teaching is guaranteed, Curricula used is approved by the board of the Corporate Training and Continuing Education Center “CTCEC”, Lecturer:  Ph.D. Gjergji Tafa.

The lesson will be held at Canadian Institute of Technology.


Upon completion of the training, the Corporate Training and Continuing Education Center unit will issue Certificate of Participation.

Any interested person can contact in the following information:


Mobile: +355 42 22 97 78

Tel: +355 67 40 42 042

Bank account (Euros):

BANK: United Bank of Albania (UBA)

Account Number: 17010010002261.90

Iban: AL42203100181701001000226190



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