McGraw-Hill Education is a leading digital learning company. McGraw-Hill Education (MHE) is an American learning science company and one of the “big three” educational publishers that provides customized educational content, software, and services.

Based on the growing demand for COST EFFECTIVE LITERATURE, and REDUCTION OF STORAGE SPACE, CIT has transitioned from a print-based business model to one based on using digital content and technology-enabled learning solutions. This was done in 2016, by signing an agreement with McGraw-Hill Education (MHE).

This agreement complement the entire spectrum of courses currently being taught throughout CIT and has many advantages as listed below:

  • Each student enrolled will have access to the latest available editions, of a package of 10 e-books for a very low price.
  • Free Online Learning Center (OLC) access to faculty (includes PowerPoint presentations, solution manuals, test banks, instructor resources etc…) for all the chosen and relevant e-books to the subject(s).
  • Professors have the ability to update the e-Book library yearly for replacement titles, newer editions etc.
  • Instructors have the right of a free copy of the e-book.
  • Interactive teaching by sharing notes, comments and more between instructors and students
  • Free training for faculty and students upon agreement.
  • Customized texts can be entered in the library, containing chapters from several MGH texts and even your own notes in any given language. (to help communication with students)





Instructors ONLY

  1. Search/ Select the e-book/s you would like (one or multiple titles). Please refer to : Book Selection Guide
  2. Instructor Walkthrough – Finding / Arranging / Personalizing the text
  3. Provide Feedback to the Library when requested (deadline will be provided at the appropriate timing by the Library Administrator)
  4. As the e-book get approved from McGraw-Hill, it will be visible on the virtual library (CIT Virtual Library)
  5. Concerning e-resources of the book, a link with resources of the book will be send to you by the Library Administrator

Instructors and Students

  1. Click on the (CIT Virtual Library) – top right corner, under Library website ose klikoni ketu
  2. Please insert the email and password created
  3. How to download your E-textbook (it can be downloaded in 4 devices)
  4. For further support see here:


IMPORTANT NOTE: No MCGRAW-HILL can be checked out. All printed titles are to be consulted at the Library ONLY.