Based on the main documents of the institution, students in CIT are represented in all committees and collegial bodies.

Students are represented in:

  1. Academic Senate

Name: Klajdi Shyti

  1. Internal Quality Assurance Unite

Name: Klajdi Shyti

  1. Permanent Committee for Scientific Research, Projects, Applications and Innovation

Name: Reliana Shehaj

  1. Permanent Committee for Programs and Curricula’s

Name: Enxhi Shehaj

  1. Permanent Committee for Students Affairs and the Guaranty of Students Rights


Klajdi Shyti

Alerda Matrisi

Lurdes Ndreu

  1. Council of Ethics

Name: Anila Mehmeti

  1. Faculty Council of Engineering


Eralba Maçi

Sara Lilo

  1. Faculty Council of Economy


Françesko Kalaj

Enxhi Shehaj

Anila Mehmeti

  1. Scholarship Committee

Name: Reliana Shehaj

Siana Ahmeti