The Canadian Institute of Technology is an accredited Institution, which has successfully gone through a rigorous institutional and programmatic accreditation process. As such, your diploma will be recognized both in Albania and beyond.

In addition to the existing study programs, Canadian Institute of Technology is happy to announce that it is offering two new programs at both Bachelor and Master level starting from October 2017.

The purpose of the new program of “Computer Engineering and Information Technology” is to prepare knowledgeable and skillful graduates specialized in designing and developing of computer and information systems where the software interacts with the hardware.

Through this program, students will develop appropriate skills and will be provided with in-depth knowledge of engineering concepts relating to hardware, digital hardware design and embedded computation as well as software and information systems. Application areas include communication, automation and robotics, power and energy, health care, business, security, entertainment, to name a few. By their choice of elective courses, students may focus on the following broad domain such as multimedia-design, big data and cyber security.

Likewise, the Faculty of Economy at Canadian Institute of Technology is offering now a degree in Finance and Accounting at both Bachelor and Master level. The degrees are conceived to prepare knowledgeable and skillful professionals aiming at launching a career in areas of investment analysis and banking, accounting, auditing, consulting and financial management.

Furthermore, CIT aims to prepare its students with the spirit of responsibility and initiatives, thus educating productive, responsible and skillful citizens. To serve this purpose, CIT students have already created six clubs: Robotics, Sports club, Business start-ups, Multimedia club, and Books, Movies and Charity Club. We strongly believe that we must listen to students’ voice and fully engage them as active partners in order to achieve the very best outcomes.

Research is also a very important component of CIT. The institution publishes a quarterly scientific review and organizes two international conferences annually. Recently, we have established an engineering and chemistry laboratory to promote research and support academia with updated equipment. Both students and professors are using it for different experiments in the chemistry field and other related areas of research.

Prof. Dr. Gezim Karapici