Short Description:
Master of Science in Finance and Accounting aims at providing students with a highly specialized degree in the
following fields: finance, banking, accounting and auditing.
The master program has been conceptualized as an extension and builds on of the BA program in Finance and
Firmly based on Canadian Institute of Technology philosophy, this particular program of study aims at specializing
potential master students through a theoretical and practical methodology, which focuses on project
development and implementation.
Apart from the combination of theoretical and practical disciplines as well as finance and accounting, an
additional value for this program of study is the provision of students with specialized/concentrated degrees in
finance, banking, accounting and auditing, which makes it possible for a successful career both in finance and
banking as well as in the related field of accounting and auditing.
Upon completion of the Master Program, students have the potential to become successful even in certified
professional exams of Certified Accountants (CPA), Financial Analysts (CFA), etc. To this end, the program syllabi
include numerous questions and case studies as applied in the afore-mentioned professional exams.
Access Requirement(s):
Students holding a Diploma of the first cycle of studies (Bachelor) or an equivalent degree, recognized by the
Ministry of Education and Sports.
To meet the English language criteria according to the paragraph 4 of the Article 76 of the Law No. 80/2015 “For
the Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Republic of Albania” and the Guideline No. 52 dated
03.12.2015 of the Ministry of Education and Sport.

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