Short Description:
The study program Master of Science in “Computer Engineering and Information Technology”, Profile “Computer
Engineering and Big Data”, provides graduates with in-depth theoretical knowledge, as well as training for scientific
research in a particular area. This study program is designed to prepare students in accordance with the technical
requirements of the telecommunications industry, financial institutions and post-graduate master studies in
Computer Engineering or other related fields. The basis of the program is focused on building critical thinking in
order for professionals to take proper decisions.
“Computer Engineering and Big Data” Profile is a very selective program for students with a strong background in
mathematics, computer science and applied statistics. The program is focused on new methods of development of
the data science as a new discipline to meet the need for professionals. In completing this program, the student
should be able to learn the analytical bases and science data flow, develop competence in JAVA language program
and collect and have access from different data sources including traditional relational databases, NoSQL
database and other web based sources. Potential students also gain basic computer engineering practices and
understand how to enable reproductive and scalable data analysis as well as investigate the resources needed for
a project of scientific data.
Access Requirement(s):
Students holding a diploma of the first cycle of studies (Bachelor) or an equivalent degree, recognized by the
Ministry of Education and Sports.
To meet the English language criteria according to the paragraph 4 of the Article 76 of the Law No. 80/2015 “For the
Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Republic of Albania” and the Guideline No. 52 dated 03.12.2015 of
the Ministry of Education and Sport.

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