Computing and Technology

At CIT we always try to keep the pace with the latest developments of science and technology. This is achieved not only by investing to get the latest and the best hardware equipment, but also by trying to install and maintain the latest systems and applications.

This requires to be constantly learning new things and trying to apply them on our systems. It is not easy, in fact it is challenging, but we are not afraid of accepting challenges.




CIT has two Computer Labs on the 4-th floor and two Computer Labs in 3-rd floor, that can be used for teaching and for homeworks. Each of them has 17 and 29 (third floor lab) powerful computers with at least 4GB – 8GB RAM and 500GB – 1TeraGB disk drives, running the latest version of Edubuntu (Linux) and Windows 7, 8 (Lab 4) which are licensed.


There are six All-in-One HP computers on the Library, which can be used by the staff and the students to browse the Internet, to write and print documents, etc.


On the server room there is a powerful server of 32GB RAM and 6.6TB storage, that is used to supply and support all the services needed by the university (the website, user accounts, file sharing, DHCP/DNS services, etc.)





CIT has a dedicated Internet connection of 3Gbps download and 10Gbps upload speed. All the computers and IT devices are connected to the Internet and to each-other through a LAN (Local Area Network), either through cables or through wireless connections. There are 7 WiFi routers on the building that ensure wireless network coverage on all the premises of the university. The wireless connection is

open to all the staff, students and visitors of the university (so that they can use their own notebook, tablet or smart-phone device to access the Internet).





Each staff and student is provided with an email account on the domain of the university (, that can be used to facilitate the communication and coordination. The email accounts of CIT are actually provided by GoogleApps, so they come with lots of additional services as well (like calendar, documents, chatting, etc.)


Each student or staff has his own account on the systems of the university, and can login to it from any of the computers on the CIT network, using his own username and password. In the future, remote access will be provided as well, so that the students and staff can access their accounts even from  home, (through Virtual Private Network (VPN), secure shell (ssh), VNC, etc.)  We are also planning to install applications and services like Moodle, OpenScholar, eduCommons, etc. which can improve the communication and learning/teaching experience of the students and the staff.