Short Description: The Bachelor Program in Finance and Accounting aims at providing students with fundamental knowledge in the core fields of: Finance, Banking, Accounting and Auditing. This program is designed to prepare students to manage money and finance investment opportunities, achieve financial efficiency, leverage assets, and maximize investments. In addition it provides students the opportunity to develop analytical and quantitative capabilities—equipping them to pursue careers in the field of finance or accounting, focusing on investment analysis and management, banking, auditing, consulting and financial management. Apart from the combination of theoretical and practical disciplines as well as finance and accounting, an additional value of this program of study is providing students with concentrated degrees in finance, banking, accounting and auditing, which makes it possible for a successful career both in finance and banking as well as in the related field of accounting and auditing.

Target Skills and Knowledge:

• General and complete knowledge of corporate finance and market organization, structure, instruments, products, services as well as financial and banking institutions, government budget, tax system and public economic policies.

• General and complete knowledge of financial and legal regulations of a business activity: initiation, supervision, risks and risk management.

• General knowledge related to the preparation, analysis and auditing of financial balance sheets as well as accounting information.

• Skills related to calculation and evaluation of securities, risk return, company performance and financial and physical investment.

• Skills of administrative, accounting and financial management for governing any department of an organization, related to various tasks such as: controller, treasury management, risk analysis, generating and closing accounting reports, auditing of accounts internally and externally, advising on investment and finance.

• Very good managerial skills related to firms and banks assets, liabilities, profits, costs and finances as well as specific managerial skills related to investment portfolios.

• Analytical skills related to balance sheet, performance, company budgeting and projects, costs and benefits etc.

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