Short Description:
The purpose of this study program, Bachelor in Computer Engineering and Information Technology, is to ensure the
preparation of specialists in the field of computer engineering based on the most advanced programs of the time.
The degree program has a unique course of study that gives students basic engineering concepts and through
knowledge of the main features of the processing of the information systems, both in hardware and in the
In particular, computer literacy covering the basics of architecture of computers and computer systems, issues
related to the project and the integration of hardware ans software systems, with in-depth knowledge of operating
systems, programming languages, techniques and software engineering methods, principles and technologies for
modeling, design and database management.
Target Skills & Knowledge:
Faculty of Engineering expects students who complete this program to be able to:
• apply scientific knowledge of mathematics and engineering;
• design and conduct experiments, analyze and interpret data;
• build a system, component, or process to meet the needs and desires within realistic constraints;
• work in multi-disciplinary teams;
• identify, formulate and solve technical problems;
• understand professional and ethical responsibilities;
• communicate as effectively, orally and in writing;
• have broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global context,
economic, environmental and social;
• have knowledge of contemporary issues;
• use techniques, skills and tools of modern engineering practice.

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