Short Description:

The three-year bachelor in Business Administration and Information Technology is an integrated, multidisciplinary degree program. The program’s core strengths are two-fold: First, its combination of business, liberal arts and social science courses based on the Bachelor degree in Business Administration, and second, its emphasis on computer sciences courses. Conventional business administration programs at the undergraduate level accentuate a high level of specialization in business specific courses. As a result, graduates of these programs lack sufficient exposure to a wide array of non-business courses that inform students of the broader societal and intellectual context in which business and organizations operate. Moreover, most business curricula which include an information technology component focus somewhat narrowly on “business information systems. The Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Information Technology, by contrast, provides a comprehensive overview of the discipline of computer science, equipping graduates to understand not only “business information systems,” but the theories and applications associated with such essential subjects as programming, operating systems, databases, networks, software engineering and project management.

Target Skills:

• Develop critical management competencies in core business disciplines (ie., accounting, finance, marketing, operations management and strategic management)

• Develop a strong theoretical and applied foundation in information technology and computer science

• Develop the mathematical and statistical skills required for financial analysis

• Develop a detailed understanding of the economic theories which underpin many business decisions

• Develop a detailed understanding of the impact of globalization on management practices and opportunities

• Develop effective team player and leadership skills

• Develop oral communication and presentation skills

• Develop written communication skills

• Develop critical research and analytical skills

• Complete an optional specialization in “International Business”

• Complete an optional specialization in “Economics”

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