After a great experience as MBA students at Canadian Institute of Technology, some 2015 graduate students express the willingness to involve themselves in post graduate programs and projects. Hence, they intend to form an Alumni Association in order to stay connected to the Institute, to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the welfare of those kinds of organizations.

Moreover, their enthusiasm and willingness on this organizational initiative is aiming the further improvement of the knowledge, build career skills, participate in the association’s activities, meet other alumni friends and have fun. This initiative ensures a way for alumni to organize hands-on activities in their communities and follow professional development opportunities as a collective.
In this framework, on March 3, 2017 CIT invited all undergraduate and graduate students back to University’s days to celebrate a Class Reunion. Actually, it is time to renew old friendships and to remember the “Great Old Days!”.

The association will be organized and run totally by the CIT graduate students themselves. The leadership role will be voluntarily taken on also by the graduate students.